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Mi-Ne Sushi

2 posts in a day.

I'm breaking record here. =P

Okay! Now onto my next venture with Jap food in Hong Kong. This time we had it at a sushi place called "Mi-Ne Sushi". For those of you who might travel to Hong Kong and would like to try out some HK Jap food, this sushi place is at Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay; across the road from Sogo.

Think about Sakae Sushi, Sushi Tei and Genki Sushi in Singapore and you'll know how the concept of the revolving chain of sushi goes. The only difference is that this restaurant serves ONLY sushi, sashimi, rolls and soups. Which is great if you ask me. I love concept stores.

Again, this restaurant featured on Open Rice but Noel had been here before and so he strongly recommended it. According to him, it is really difficult to get a seat at this restaurant for dinner. In fact, even though we hit the restaurant before the lunch hour, we still had to take a queue number. Our waiting time was about 10mins... And we were 2nd in line.

Yeah. It apparently was that well-received by the public.

Just check out that queue! This was on or about 1230pm after we had finished our lunch. Yeah. Scary huh?

Okay, now onto the food pictures. Unlike Singapore sushi chains, this sushi place offered really interesting and exciting sushi! It felt very much like a spread off the menu in an authentic Jap restaurant in Japan. The seafood was fresh and every dish was prepared really well.

I don't know what you call these, but it's those sushi rolls where you have a large and long slice of unagi/salmon/some other fish over a small ball of rice. Mmmm, yeah. They serve those too.

So anyway, Noel and I ordered the following:-

Potato cheese balls. These we snitched off the belt so it was cold... It would've been better if it were served hot.

Oooo. These were good. I don't know what they're called, but it's like your normal tamago sushi save for the fact that instead of a slice of tamago, you get a cube of tamago with a ball of rice in the center. This was SOOOO good, Noel & I ordered 2 servings. Must try!

This was labelled surprise sushi. We know there's an ebi tempura and rice and beancurd skin with mayonnaise, but we couldn't figure out what that powerdy pink flakes are. It was mildy sweet, like candy. Anyway, Noel, being the adventurous one, ordered this. He said it was really good! I'll take his word for it.

Philadelphia roll. And true to its name, that white block there is a solid block of Philadelphia cheese. I hate roe so I didn't try this., but Noel ate the whole plate of 3. He said it was awesome. So there you have it. Awesome Philadelphia roll.

Fried octopus. Nothing special. But nothing I've tried before. 

Dessert! Red bead mochi with powdered sesame/peanut! I thought it was OK and that the mochi was too tough, but Noel liked it. This was served cold. Surprisingly.

Anyway, we ordered a roasted sushi plate that was really yummy but we gobbled up everything before I remembered to take a shot. 

As you can tell, we had a great time. =D 




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